The new dress code at school…

Here is a comment from a local Greenville student:  “My name is Madison and I go to A.G. Cox Middle School. I am in 6th grade. I really really am not excited about wearing uniforms because well, you know I am a girl and I like to dazzle it up! But I think it will also be kinda nice because some people do not follow the dress code and in my opinion it is kind of disturbing! It will also be easier to get ready in the morning because I will only have three colors (that I don’t like very much) to choose from.”  And another Pitt County student says “My name is Chandler and I go to A. G. Cox and I am in the 7th grade.  Personally, I think the uniforms are good and bad! They are good because it will stop gang activity, and will also make everyone have more time in the mornings because they don’t have to pick out their clothes.  In another way, it is bad because it makes us all look the same and boring!  I think that we should have uniforms, and every Friday, we should have a special day where we can wear anything that we choose to.”

33 Responses to “The new dress code at school…”

  1. Terry Says:

    I do think that one benefit of the new uniform policy is that maybe our kids will appreciate it more when they can wear whatever they want to on the weekends. I am all for a little more discipline, myself.

  2. Ron Says:

    As a parent, I am excited about the uniform policy because I believe it will save a lot of money.

    As a teacher, I hope students will worry more about their homework than what outfit they plan to wear.

    My final hope is that with all the students dressing the same, they will work hard on their academics to distinguish themselves.

  3. LOVE, I Says:


  4. STEVENM Says:


  5. daughety Says:

    i dont think that uniforms are the answer cause everyday i see students not following the dress code and all the priciples do is tell them to cover it up or to fix it and no disciplinary action is taken. If the principles would start taking disciplinary action then the students would be more inclined to follow the dress code. Also, the way students dress is a way to express their individuallity but the students must do it in a way that follows the dress code. So, if the students cant express theirselves then high school isnt going to be any fun and students will loose intrest in school and drop out or go to collage for their G.E.D.

  6. Tiffany Says:

    I want to make a comment on the tardy policy. I think that is dumb for kids to have three tardies and be counted absent I mean you are still showing up for class and doing the same amount of work as someone that was on time, unlessyou are like thirty minutes late, then that is more understandable, I think there should just be a set time that the student should be counted tardy or even absent.

  7. daughety Says:

    on my last comment i meant to say that uniforms are NOT the answer.

  8. BrooksT Says:

    Hello world this is Brooks from NPHS. This dress code issue has been a big talk around pitt county. I’m ok with the uniform policy. I would like to be able to wear uniforms, but happily I’m a senior. I don’t think the policy would help the students work harder on their academics. The student minds are still going to be set on the same thing before the policy goes in affect.

  9. Cyerria Says:

    Like many have already said the uniform policy could be a good situation but can also be bad situtation to handle. The reason for it to be a good situation is that you would not have to worry about people having any bad infuences being read from what someone is wearing. But the bad thing about it is that wearing the school colors is not going to stop anyone from what the do on there free time. Wearing the school colors is not going to stop how someone thinks or their ability to success in the future. Personally I think that a students should be able to have choices to what to wear than just from one or two basic color(s). But many have to realize that wearing uniforms is only going to cut down a few problems not all the problems and that is only if the dress code is going to be enforce. There is a possibility that uniforms would change some scores on certain things but not all scores. But think…Would the drop out rate increase, stay the same, or decrease? Many stumble over questions that they would probably not find an answers to about the whole uniform policy.

  10. Kimberly Says:

    As a student, I don’t think the uniforms are a good idea. The main reason is everyone will look the same and the whole point of being able to wear what you want to is to display individuality. Just as long as you don’t go overboard and show too much of what God gave you, and there are other ways to limit gang problems besides enforcing the dress code. So I believe that students can wear what they choose as long as it’s appropriate.

  11. Iyaneek Says:

    I am in the 12th grade at northpitt but over these 4 years i have been here i have not failed 1 class therfore i am proving that it is not the clothes that cause people to fail it is the people. Some say that the new dress code is to stop the gang violence at northpitt but i am here to tell u that it will do nothing of the sort, everyone still will know who is in this gang and everyone will know who is in that gang changing the clothes wont change the person. Another thing would be if a student pays 4 their own clothes then i think that they should be able to wear them, if i pay for a 90$ pair of pants that have a knife design on them then i should be able to wear it without worrying about if they are going to send me home or not. Another thing is i dont belive that anyone should be able to tell another person what to wear anyway, if the parents think that the outfit is fine then why should anyone eles feel different about it. And what about the parents who spent all their hard earned money on their childs clothes and now they cant wear them to school thats money down the drain. Some say its to stop some of the picking thats been going on but people are going to find something to pick at. And why punish the whole student body for something that a handfull of us are doing. Thats the same as every man 19-25 should be locked up for abuse just because a handfull of them are doing it. Next year you wont even be able to wear blue jeans, what if blue is your favoriate color now you cant even wear your favoriate color to school this is getting out of control, next they will be telling you how to eat and school will turn into a prison before long.

  12. Christina Says:

    Im not really worried about the uniforms for next year because I am a senior but i feel that the situation is good and bad. It is good because gettin new uniform will make the students realize that they had it good. If most student would learn how to follow the correct dress code maybe they would not be in this situation. Students should finally realize that is you don’t follow directions then actions would be taken. The dress code would also slow down gang relations and also violence. Unifors are also bad because most of the time the way a student dresses describes a persons personality. it make them different from other people cause no one want to alike. The way a person dresses is one of the many rights that we have in this world but at the same time we should be able to follow a simple dress code because it is not that hard.

  13. allison Says:

    As a senior at north pitt high school i dont have to worry about me wearing the uniform, but personaly i think it is a bad and a good thing. the way a person dresses is their way of expressing themselves, in a uniform you cant really be yourself and express yourself as an individual. we were giving the freedom of speech for a reason and with uniforms you kinda take that away. But sometimes uniforms can be cheaper but depending on where you get them they can be more than regular everyday clothes. It will be a good thing because as a young adult it gets old seeiing these young girls dressing like street walkers and nothing being said, or if something is said they dont listen and it is never inforced. these young men dress like hood gangsters and its unprofessional. With uniforms kids might seem to care more about what colleges and employers thinkm of them. As you get older in high school you should begin to care what colleges think and what you wear will have an impact on your teachers who recommend for schlorships at these colleges. In civilian clothes it is hard to inforce the dress code we already have, but in uniforms they are sposed to wear them a certian way and if it isn’t right then the teachers and administraters know. After i graduate i hope to come back and see a major change in the way things are being done to make school better.

  14. Dominique Says:

    As a sophmore at NPHS, I feel that this really isnt a good idea. I have attended private school in my youth so uniforms didnt really bother me that much. Now it has a greater effect on me. Clothes are our way of showing individuality and unique standards. Its already bad enough for me to see someone with the same exact coat as me so imagine how it would be when we all have to wear the same exact things. Just because a gang member or someone who is always messing with somebody has on a uniform doesnt exactly mean that them as a person will change. Even though we have uniforms they should at least let us put pins or some type of decorative item on our shirt or pants. Maybe even wear whatever sneakers or shoes we want. Even though this uniform policy is going to be put into effect soon, I guarantee a lot of students wont wear their uniform. If they do theyre going to wear it how they want to. I think this whole thing is a really bad idea and if our responses wont change anything, then actions will.

  15. Alicia Says:

    I’d say yes and no to uniforms. i say yes to uniforms because there are some people who do not follow the dress code. it is rather desturbing!!! i dont want uniforms because i dont want to have to wear the same thing as everyone eles. I belive everyone has thei own style that they want to wear. i know i do. It dont matter cause i know ima still look goood in uniforms anyway. the only thing that gets me are the colors ( orange, gray) Are they serious that is a bad combination. I dont want to wear the color orange everyday or the color gray. So everyone needs to stop complaining because the ones that didnt want follow the dress code it is basically your fault that we are going into uniforms next year. Thankfully i only have to wear them for one year because i will be graduating next year!!!!

  16. Jasmine Says:

    I think uniforms are a bad thing to have.I understand that they think that it will minimize the gang activities at our school but if the principal learn to control their students then we wouldn’t have to worry about the other students having to wear uniforms.I’m a sophomore and i don’t wanna spend my last two years in high school wearing uniforms.The only good reason uniforms will be an okay thing is because of the gang violence,but the other students shouldn’t have to punish for other people’s mistakes.I really don’t think that this will help students with their academics because they’re going to be focus more on how to end this uniform thing than on the academics.I personally don’t wanna have to wear uniforms.I also don’t think it’s fair for class of 09 beacause i know that they don’t wanna spend their last year in high schools wearing uniforms.If we do wear uniforms (which i know we are),we should at least have one day out of the week to wear whatever we want to wear,just to be fair.

  17. christa Says:

    As a student at North Pitt High, I think that this dress code policy has some good and bad meanings to it. Some of the good things is it will be easier and faster to get ready for school in the morning, and you won’t get into as much trouble just for what you wear: But you have to look at it on a students side who loves to be creative and loves to express his or herself through what they wear. Also i don’t think it would be fair to those who won’t look so good in those uniforms, those who would get picked on for the rest of their life because the color orange, yellow, or blue isn’t their favorite color that looks good on them. (Besides blule is a gang color and that would cause a big problem between the bloods and crips.) so with this said I am neutral in this situation but I just felt the need to post my opinion. THANK YOU.

  18. Gibson Says:

    I think that the school dress code is good and bad its good because many of the kids that go to school have jobs so they can look nice when they go to school and wear different stuff and it bad because some kids mom or dad dont have the money to send their kids to school lookin like the rest of the kids and it make them feel bad because the kids that is dress nice is gonna pick on the kids that have on dirty clothes or whose shoes is not named brand. I think it will make the school alot better though.

  19. Kendric Says:

    Well to keep it real I dn’t want to wear no uniforms next year. Whats the point. I mean what is it going to solve. NOTHING, I know so I don’t get wearing them. I hear it suppose to increase students grades, HOW! there is no difference. They are going to be the same person and do the same thing. Then another thing I hear is this gang related stuff okay they can do the same thing with the uniforn. In my opinion I say we shouldn’t wear them, but I hope like they say it will make a change and increase on these students.

  20. shanique Says:

    What I think about uniforms is that it may not be worth it because that might not change how a person act. It may cut out a little bit of gang activities but still it wont change their behavior, if its bad or good. I’m a senior so i wouldnt be worried about it. Basically, its just like changing your clothes for another day just like it was before really except for you’ll be wearing everyday.This is why i said it would not change the behavior, it will just be new look for them that all. But thats all i can say for right now maybe their will be a change or it wont. I just hope for the best! (:

  21. Shanda Says:

    Hello to all pitt county! My comment or blog is about the gang violence, and the administation board, and I guess the uniform situation. gang violence is getting worse everyday and it seems that the school systems are doing nothing to help get rid of it. its like they’re leaving everything up to the parents and everyone else. Yea you can get the schools in uniforms but its really not going to change anything, a gang member will know what gang their in and a gang member of the opposing side will know what gang their in. So uniforms aren’t gooing to change the way students fell about another student. I’ve myself tried to talk tro gang members about the violence, hate, and stupidity of gangs. But the only response I get is that its all about respect. So once again uniforms cant give them that. I’m not saying that the administrion board should suspend everyone that is involved because thats putting them out in the streets and that where the students get the nonsense from. The students are bringing what they know into the school system, I dont what to have to live in fear of what my happen to me or anyone else. If anything I like they should band the gang colors instead of wearing uniforms.

  22. Stephanie Says:

    I am a freshman at NPHS and I would like to share my feelings about the policy of uniforms being in effect. I personally do not support it (from personal experience) but in reality there’s a positive/negative realization to why it’s going into effect.

    1. there’s no ridiculing involved b/c we will look alike, which I think won’t postpone the ridicule of a student.
    2. It will not cause attention or disturbance during class
    3. Someone can tell the difference between who’s enrolled/not enrolled in the school.

    1. would it still put a stop to gang violence/relations?
    2. would it just make matters worse by the colors on the uniforms? (HINT HINT) our colors are navy BLUE, white, and orange.


  23. Vanessa Says:

    Hi, my name is Vanessa and I’m a senior at North Pitt High School and I think that there shouldn’t be a dress code for students knowing now that if you wear a paticular type of color like “Red” or “Blue” thoughs are the maine colors that some students are affraide to wear because of the ganges and for the freshmens it will be very hard for them nowing what can happen then the school’s would have to worry about school treats and school shooting now if they don’t want that then they should think twice about dress codes.

  24. Frenequa Says:

    I am a freshman and I go to NPHS and I dnt want to wear uniforms. It’s not goin stop gang violence b/c people still gon be throwin up dey sets so it really doesn’t matter. Even if we do have them it’s not gon to make less problems I think it’s going cause more problems. If you already don’t do your work in class what makes you think that uniforms is going to change that. The same people gon get picked on and uniforms isn’t going to change that either. If you spend alot of money on your clothes it isnt fair that you can’t wear them just b/c some people don’t follow the dress code. It doesnt make since that we can’t even have more colors to wear as far as our uniforms. I mean my favorite color is pink why can’t I wear dat I mean dats my favorite color an dat aint even fair.

  25. nealt Says:

    My name Is Teadria Neal and I do not think that the uniforms are going to help anything…..people are still ganna get picked on…even though everybody is still wearing the same clothes…people will find other ways to talk about each other ..also its not ganna stop the gangs either.. i mean they can always say that orange is the new red… i think uniforms are just a way to take away our rights as students…..its nice to come to school and be able to have your own sence of style. ALso guys can still wear their pants half off….. a different pair of pants is not going to stop that …..teachers need to reinforce the rules about the dress code…but they also need to know that the kids who are troublemakers and want to be in gangs are not going to listen……in my opinion the rules should be harsher..but its not fair to take our rights away….. i like having my own sence of style …..thankx

  26. Vanessa Says:

    Ok my thing about the dress code is these school is talking about the students wearing uniforms ok if the board of education do agree on the uniforms what is the school gonna do about the students not wearing the uniforms and not following the school policy because you got some students that’s just not gonna do it and then affter a while there gonna stat sending them home and then they have to here the parents complain about the uniforms once again because some parents cant afford bying new close because the Board of Education want to chang it cause as we all know “Money Don’t Grow On Tress” and if there not gonna inforce it then don’t waste your time and others.

  27. Heather Says:

    Hi, my name is Heather and i attend North Pitt High School. I have currently been given the information about the new uniform policy for next year and I have certain mixed emotions about the situation. I understand the safety issue behind the new policy and i do agree with why that should be altered, but i also feel that our rights as an individual are being shattered. If our current dress code policy was enforced here at school then most of the issues with our attire would be a completely different conflict. I must admit that there will be specific aspects of school uniforms that will be better for us in the end, but i can also state that i am not looking forward to being just another white collared shirt in the hallway. I feel that school already limits our inner talents as is, and now their looking forward to cutting off all of our ties to succeeding as an individual. Simply put, I am very excited of being just another number in the system.


  28. Judy Says:

    my school has a dress code and i don’t like it because the clothes required are more expensive and hard to find. We have to wear khaki or navy slacks 😛 (puke) and khaki navy or dark denim skirts that are below the knee and solid colored collard polo’s and no flip flips or any between the toe shoes at all. Now most polo shirts these days run at like $25 and slacks around $50 and i have to go to a bigger city an hour away to be able to get them. I am a freshman and i have to buy them on my own and it kinda sucks saving up all summer just to buy some shirts and slacks you don’t like to wear. Most my other shirts are around $10 and my pants $20, so ya. When getting ready for school it takes me two hours total. That includes eating, make up, hair, clothes, and feeding my animals. When i’m just getting ready to go to a friends house i do the same amount of stuff and it takes me 45 mins. so, i’m just saying, i don’t like it. Espesially sence the men in our school get to wear jeans and we don’t :@.

  29. james mcdaniel Says:

    making students wear uniforms is really stupid the reason why is because when you make us wear uniforms we can still pick because their pants could be to small,or they have ugly shoes. So making us wear uniforms dosent make a differnce,also you are going to bring out some bad arguments over uniforms,lastly uniforms are stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jaylecya Says:

    I think that uniforms are kinda stupid because students should have the right to wear what they wanna wear and express themselves. And honestly I think that uniforms are not gonna stop gang activity because students are gonna still come to school talking about Eastside and Westside all day and all that stuff,and people will still come to school and pick on other people uniforms are not gonna change that or any of the other problems teens go through!!! Well I’m gonna wear my uniform and make it look good because I cant change a thing about it!!!!

  31. ashlyn Says:

    unifroms are gonna suckk. forreal, because nobody wants to
    wear the same thing EVERY day over and over again. think
    about it, it really probly wont stop all the gang mess and
    it deffinantly gonna make us look better. people are
    probably still gonna get picked on, yea, there personality
    isnt changing. thats not gonna stop. ive heard this and it
    doesnt even have to do with the dress code to me. the colors
    are just eww (black grey and white?), and the khakis look
    are just the ugliest things ive ever seen. im a girl (8th
    grade;agc), very into fashion, id like to not waste four
    years of my life lookin the way im going to next year. i
    know i can accessorise or whatever but honestly, ya digg?
    the money issues, that is probably a positive. but yea.
    thats probably the only. 🙂
    (will finish later)

  32. Terri Says:

    I think that the uniforms will solved may problems.

    * All will be equal. As for the girls ~ Now your the beauty of your face, smile, eyes and personality can sparkle!

    * Parents will save money in the long run. Some students have way too many clothes, especially girls!

    * It really will be less stressful in the morning getting dressed. No more stressing about how this color or top looks. You will save time!

    So many other great points have already been addressed.
    I think this will be a very positive move for Pitt County! They should have done this a very long time ago!

  33. Courtney Says:

    I DO NOT agree with school colors as uniforms, I would be ok with uniforms if the child could wear any color shirt. This is really starting to get on my nerves. I want to know who is going to pay for the extra clothes my child is going to have to wear ONLY to school now. With the economy going haywire, gas prices & electricity rising on a daily basis, what else can Pitt County do to screw up?? I mean the police department can’t do anything about the rising crime in this city, but yet to help crime we have to provide school unifoms because thats going to make everything better. WOW what a great county. Beaufort county tried this a few years ago and it didn’t work, they ended up having to change the colors too. Lets see how well this is really going to work.

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